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Fairfax, VA

Catherine Adams, President & Educational Consultant
Catherine Adams, Co-founder & Executive Director
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About C. Adams' ADHD Consulting Services 
Catherine Adams combines years of dedicated leadership experience in CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) with valuable parenting and training experience related to ADHD, ADD and EF deficits and impacts. She empowers parents by providing support, education, resources and strategies so they can become the best possible case manager and parent for their own child or teen with ADD or ADHD. 

C. Adams Consulting Services LLC is operated in Fairfax, VA. Since the company opened in 2005, Catherine Adams has collaborated with local professionals who have expertise and experience in ADHD across the No. Virginia and DC metro region. 

​Catherine Adams, Owner of C Adams Consulting Services, LLC has made ADHD/ADD Consulting and support a priority with over fifteen years of experience in ADHD leadership and educational services helping parents to understand and improve their child's and adolescent's education and home environments. 

Since 1998, Catherine Adams has collaborated with parents, educators and local professionals in her leadership positions with WISER, Inc.; the NoVa-DC CHADD chapter and the CHADD Certified Parent to Parent Teacher program. Catherine has been nationally recognized twice for her superior efforts in these positions.
In 2006, Catherine co-founded The ADHD Resource Group of Northern Virginia, a group of independent professionals specializing in ADHD and Executive Function challenges, who provide direct services to individuals and families dealing with the strengths and needs of those with attention deficit and/or executive function challenges.

Catherine combined her non-profit and leadership experiences to build the group into a quality local resource entity supporting parents, children, teens and adults impacted by ADHD symptoms in the Northern Virginia area.

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"Without your guidance and advice, I would have been at a loss as to what issues to present or in what order they needed to be addressed."

"Your warmth and sincerity have encouraged me to continue putting one foot in front of the other."

"I know that we are going to reach our goal..."
Client - Shirley O. (2013)