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Helping parents and educators understand impacts,strengths & solutions
Fairfax, VA

Education Consulting and Parent Support Service Options:​

What services and support can be expected from Catherine Adams' Education Consulting Services?

After an Intake Assessment of Needs, Catherine will determine the desired outcomes and recommendations unique to each child and family.  Then the parent coaching and/or education consulting begins to reach desired goals.

C. Adams Consulting Services LLC 

Catherine Adams, Education Consultant, advises parents, educators & support professionals, to find strategies, options and solutions to the challenges parents and students often encounter in education, the community and home environments due the impacts of ADHD/ADD and/or Executive Function deficits with common co-existing conditions.
                               Catherine Adams will provide:

      Advise and consult with parents, with empathy and understanding, based on her years of experience reviewing and analyzing the assessments and treatment options considered by therapists and specialists related to ADHD/ADD, Executive Function disorder and  co-existing learning challenges in order to create a unique and individualized action plan benefiting the family and impacted children.  

* Referrals and Trainings specific to Family Support and Education Needs
     Special Education (IEP) and 504 services for families who desire guidance and understanding while working through the Special Education/IEP process, or the 504 Plan option, at their child’s school. Catherine Adams, in affiliation with Independent School Options, collaborates with parents and education assessment specialists, coaches and tutors to find solutions, accommodations and IEP interventions that improve learning based on the strengths and needs of each student.  
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