Adams' ADHD & ADD Consulting Services LLC
Helping parents and educators understand impacts,strengths & solutions
Fairfax, VA

ADHD, ADD, Executive Function and the impacts on family and education environments can be overwhelming!  I can help ...

​ADHD/ADD Parenting Empowerment 
at Home, at School and in the Community
Many of our clients have deep concerns about their family member's symptoms, treatment options and what the future outcome will be for their family and the affected child, teen or young adult.  Many experience continual challenges and conflict in the home and in education environments.

Adams' ADHD/ADD Consulting Services will provide parents and caregivers with: 

  • Personalized attention and guidance,
  • Knowledge and Strategies,

  • Family and Education Team Cohesiveness & Understanding (including IEP and 504 plans)

to enable you to succeed as your child's case manager and caregiver with knowledge and confidence.

CATHERINE ADAMS, President, Owner &
Education Consultant